Summer Reading

Mine looks just like this!
I am loving my Kindle. I'm addicted to it. I've always loved reading, and do my fair share of it, but something about reading on the Kindle has me blowing through books faster than a summer storm.

The first book I read on Kiki (what I've spontaneously decided to name my Kindle, although now that I see it in print I might decide I hate it EDIT: I do hate it) was The Hunger Games. First off, it was five bucks, and boy do I love a cheapo book, especially when I'm not sure exactly what I'm getting myself into.

All I knew about The Hunger Games was a) it's a YA-ish story about a girl in an alternate time who competes on a reality show where kids have to fight to the death and b) (attempting the record for world's longest sentence with most use of unnecessary parenthesis - hang in there with me) it's going to be a movie and the buzz is something fierce and Twilight-esque (not to say the plot will remotely resemble that craze-fest, but already it's popping up more and more on the radar and is about to tip out of control).

Anyway, the book was good and reading on my Kindle was even better. As soon as I finished, I put the word out on all my social networks to see if anyone had the next two in the series because (drum roll please)... they are lendable! The lovely Sabine responded right away and just like magic, book two appeared on my device, followed shortly by the last of the trilogy.

Being the good citizen that I am, I immediately turned around and lent the first book to my friend Joyce, only I didn't tell her it was coming, so she was pleasantly surprised to see the book pop up on her reader. Fun!

Naturally, now I'm scouting around for new books to read and share on my Kindle. Any suggestions? Want to lend me something?


  1. Hey! I have the Kindle on my iphone and love it, too. :) How do you share books? I have Heaven is for Real and Water for Elephants... if either of those ring your chime, let me know and I'll be glad to send them to you!

  2. Read "The Hunger Games" last week at the beach. I really liked it! Being able to borrow the other two from Sabine makes me want a Kindle, haha!


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