Good and Tired

Are you guys good and tired after the weekend? I am. So is Violet, if this picture is any indication. The other day we were playing outside, running through the mini water park constructed with the neighbor's hose and our splash pool. Violet was having a grand old time, so much so that she zoomed right past her usual lunch and naptime. I decided to take a chance and get some lunch in her before putting her down. Well, I was happily sucking down my leftovers and Violet was contentedly eating her hummus and grapes. Finally it struck me that she was being awfully quiet. No food had been flung on the floor, no "more" had been uttered. So I look up... and find Violet practically asleep in her chair, lunch smeared all over her face as she wearily rubbed her eyes. Needless to say, she napped well that day!

Speaking of sleeping, I had an attack of insomnia Friday night. That. Sucked. My condolences to anyone suffering from it. I don't know if it was the migraine medicine (which contains caffeine but has never affected me in the past) I took right before bed or what, but I watched the clock slowly tick from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. And each hour that passed found me thinking, dumbfounded, surely I won't be awake until 2... surely I'll be asleep before 3... I tried sleeping on my stomach, my side, my back... I made Matt switch sides of the bed... I tried the couch... I threw in the towel and watched tv... I went back to bed, thinking, surely this time...

Saturday we attended the wedding of a girl I teach with. It ended up being a beautiful affair, held in a rustic barn not too far from where we live. I say ended up, because the wedding started with a crazy thunderstorm that had all of us a little nervous. The ceremony was under a lakeside covered patio, and at one point the wind blew about 50 chairs across the floor and the arch the couple was due to say vows under tumbled to the ground. Then a huge tree by the lake came crashing down. It was pretty wild. But things calmed down as the ceremony got underway, by the end the birds were all singing, and the evening ended with the most spectacular sunset. A good omen for the happy couple, I think. Plus it was a blast seeing my first grade team. Not even my lack of sleep kept me from hitting the dance floor and partying the night away!

Aren't we pretty?! (Thanks for the photo Katie!)
Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. Matt's parent came up to babysit and spent the night, so we all had brunch the next morning. Then we spent a lazy rest of the afternoon. I bought Matt three ties (in hopes that he likes at least one of them!) and the three of us ate a low-key dinner together. Altogether, not a bad weekend! Tiring, yes, but good all the same.


  1. That picture is too cute for words. Is her hair getting lighter?

    I love barn weddings. A friend of mine from college was married in one and the pics are amazing! Lantern lights, flowers and vines, and hay everywhere!

  2. The tired picture just cries out for the caption "Oi, what a day I had today!"


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