All Dressed Up

In all the riding in cars with boys Violet has been doing lately, I totally forgot to share pictures from our recent date night!

It's wedding season, and this past Saturday Matt and I were off to see my pal Jody get hitched. I had a flirty new dress for the occasion, my man got himself a new suit, and Mimi was on hand to take care of Violet. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Mimi introduced Violet to the wonders of the purse. I think Violet is going to want her own now! (As long as it comes with a set of credit cards, that is!)

Girls' night in!

Walking a mile in Daddy's shoes.

Heading out on the town. (You would not believe how many times we had to take this photo before we got one without Noodlehead in it. Girlfriend wanted her share of the spotlight!)

The morning after. Violet looks more rough than Matt! It was that one last glass of milk that put her over the edge, I guess.

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  1. Y'all look fantastic! Love that outfit Kristine, and Matt's suit is quite snazzy too!


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