Lend a Hand

Yesterday I got to help out a friend. Doesn't that always make you feel good? It wasn't necessarily the most convenient thing to do, since it required first babysitting my neighbor's boys and Violet for the morning, and then tag-teaming and leaving all three kids in my neighbor's care so together we could help our friend. But I wasn't looking for convenient. I was looking to be a good friend, to help someone who really needed another person to be there with them. And along the way I think we've grown closer. And that's fun. Besides, it was actually quite an exciting mission to be on, and really, I'm honored to have been a part of the day! (Sorry to be so cryptic, but said friend reads le blog, so I'm going overboard on the privacy patrol.) And then I got to drive her hubby's fancy Z4 home, which, once I got over my fear of coming within 37 feet of anyone else on the road, was actually quite enjoyable. The roar of the engine... the envious looks from other drivers (which quickly changed to puzzled amusement as they wondered what unshowered, no makeup me was doing in that slick little black car)... even the GPS lady had a sexier voice. Too bad there's no back seat for the baby, or I might be tempted to tell Matt we need to upgrade!

Someone else has been lending a helping hand lately...

Say, Dad, need some help with that mulch?

Yeah, he missed a spot...
Since I was gone for most of the afternoon yesterday, Violet and I have been catching up today. We took a walk down to our neighborhood park, where they happen to have a really fun water fountain.

Contemplating the mysteries of "wah-duh".
After getting wet (I wasn't planning on letting her play in it, but the alluring pull of water will not be denied) we rushed home so we could make storytime at the library. There were fewer people today, so Violet was able to see the story and puppet show better and actually follow along. She is getting so good at identifying all the animals and their sounds. She has cow, duck, sheep (we've been singing a lot of Old MacDonald), dog and cat (with respective sound) all down. She can also identify a ton of body parts on command. Besides the usual eye, mouth, nose, hair, Violet has recently added elbow and cheeks to her repertoire. She's such a smartie.

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  1. Thanks Kristine! Said friend is so grateful for your time and the entertainment! For those of you I don't know, we are expecting and Kristine was amazing and sat with me until my husband could get there. We talked almost the entire time; and speaking of time, it flew!


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