Baby Shower Envy

This weekend we celebrated the upcoming arrival of my friend Jeanette's baby girl. You might remember my story of helping out a friend... Well, since she outed herself in the comments, I feel like I can share a little more of her story. Jeanette, a sweet friend from my neighborhood, has been in and out of the hospital lately, getting monitored in these last few weeks of pregnancy. Earlier this week I had the great honor of hanging out with her there while we waited for her husband to arrive home from a business trip, and since she was again in the hospital this weekend, that's where we got to have her baby shower!

Despite the last minute change in location, the event was beautiful. (As in, I'm totally jealous and am already planning to steal some of these adorable ideas for any upcoming showers or birthdays I host.) And as for the icing on the cake, mom and baby were both doing so well that Jeanette was discharged the next day! 


1. Cupcakes with a bit of sparkle from Creations Bakery in Cumming.
2. A stunning "congrats!" banner made by my crafty neighbor K. I'm thinking a "Mrs. Loughman" version for my classroom,  yes?
3. Refreshing frozen fruit cups (and a glimpse of the photographer in the spoon).
4. Milk bottle beverageware, such an adorable idea.
5. The glowing mama-to-be.
6. Party in progress.

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