The Relatives Came (Back)

I can't think of a nicer way to kick off spring break than to have some lovely family come for a little visit.

Mimi and Annie

Storytime with Nicole

Along with my immediate family, whom I'm always happy to see, this visit was extra special because it included my Aunt Anita and Uncle Jan, all the way from Sweden! They're here to hang out with my mom on her spring break, and I'm so glad they made the detour up to our house to meet Annie.

My Aunt Anita, all the way from Sweden!
Four years ago with my first baby...
Funny story, they were here exactly four years ago and met baby Violet! They are awesome and came bearing my favorite of all gifts, Swedish candy! I immediately hid all of it because this candy is too good to share with Violet and I'm a terribly mean mother. Hee hee! Just the thought of all the deliciousness hiding in the highest cabinet in the kitchen makes me giddy!

Anita also brought this little guy - a homemade sock monkey! Love!

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