Princess Party!

Such a poser!

Violet went to the most fun birthday party this weekend for her BFF Emma. It was a princess dress-up tea party and let me tell you, had the costumes been big enough, I would have dressed up with her!

Two Queen Elsas!
We walked into a pink girly explosion. There were roses glued to the ceiling, flowers on the carpet, chandeliers everywhere. But best of all was the dress up room. There were probably 50 dresses from every Disney princess imaginable. Of course all the little girls wanted the Frozen dresses. Violet and her pal Taylor each got one and proceeded to sing the entire soundtrack while dancing in front of the mirror.
Checking out the jewels.
Next came the accessories and hair, make-up and manicures for everyone that wanted in. (Violet was having too much fun dancing around to want to sit patiently for hair and nails.) Once everyone was ready, there was a fashion show with a walk down the pink runway onto a stage. Then the lovely little ladies adjourned for tea time. The birthday "queen" got a little bell to ring whenever someone needed a refill. Each girl got her own teapot filled with pink lemonade. They started with appetizers, had assorted tea sandwiches for the main course, and finished with a personal dessert plate. So fancy!

Poured her own tea and didn't spill a drop!

Best pals from school!
 Happy birthday, Miss Emma! Thanks for having an amazing party!

My princess.

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