Annie at Six Months

Sitting pretty!
You guys. Annie is six months old! I can't believe it! Matt had to remind me of this milestone - it was vaguely on my radar in that "oh yeah she's almost six months" kind of way. But nope, there's no "almost" about it - she is six months, bla-blam!

Annie turned six months with style, too. We had an eventful weekend around here, with the little miss FINALLY rolling over by herself, to the great relief of this mama. Violet didn't roll until six months on the nose. Annie beat her record by one day. We were all just hanging out in the living room, I was watching the Frozen bonus features while Annie played on a blanket in front of me. Then I suddenly looked down and noticed she was on her tummy. Questioning Matt revealed that, no, he hadn't rolled her over. Girlfriend did it all by herself. Whew! Now, she has yet to repeat this feat, but I'm just glad we've crossed this bridge and I can give the doctor an honest answer at our upcoming well check.

In other milestone news, Annie is also sitting up by herself! (Note the above photographic evidence.) She can wobble quite a bit still, so there are always hands or pillows hovering nearby, but she's stable enough that I could capture her showing off this morning. My gosh, I know I'm biased and all, but she is adorable! The belly, the thunder thighs, the happy little grin... gosh I love this girl.

We wobble but we don't fall down!
I celebrated Annie's half birthday by dragging my sorry self to the urgent care for a persistent cough my husband would swear has been around since I went back to work in January. Truthfully, it has been several weeks. This last week was bad - hard to sleep, hard to breath, bailed on small group and church, barely made it through parent-teacher conferences - it's been ugly. I came away with two shots in the butt, prescriptions for a steroid and antibiotic, instructions to use my inhaler religiously, and a dire warning that if I'm not feeling better in two days, I'm being dragged back in for a chest x-ray to rule out walking pneumonia. Those urgent care docs don't mess around! Here's hoping I am on a quick road to recovery. Just one more week and it's spring break!

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