The Calm Before the Storm

This is a birthday shout-out to my fabulous mom! Happy birthday!

Birthdays are always such a nice excuse to get together with family. And with a family as busy as mine is (my sister-in-law in knee-deep in nursing school - the accelerated program, no less; my dad just finished up his doctorate (!), etc) it's a rare treat to find ourselves all in the same room. But for our wonderful mom, we definitely make it a point to show up.

And we somehow manage to all buy her the exact same present. Which happens to be the exact present she was secretly lusting after. Are we good or what? It was an awesome afternoon of catching up and staying cozy in the monsoon that decided to open up over Atlanta.

This weekend was also nice because I had Friday off from school. I actually got to drink an entire cup of coffee! While sitting down on the couch! And watching a tv show that wasn't a cartoon! Ah, it's the small things. Then I took myself to Old Navy and got some actual maternity clothes (as opposed to the random things in my closet that I can still squeeze this belly into) using a gift card (considering I'll never wear these clothes again, they better be free!) After that it was off to lunch with some book club gals, and we actually talked about the book (gasp!) I rounded off the day with a relaxing pedicure. Some day you just have to spend with yourself, know what I mean?

It's probably the last relaxing day I'll have in the next four weeks, so I made sure to soak it in good. Matt is coming off of two business trips, and has two more planned in the next three weeks (one during report card week... thanks hubs). There is something booked for every Saturday and Sunday through May (fun stuff, like Braves games, birthday parties, weddings, neighborhood garage sales, but stuff nonetheless). The race to the last day of school is officially on (so much still to teach, so little time!) This month is going to fly by and I'm just planning to hang on for the ride.

You know that verse, "Be still and know that I am God"? I'm going to try and really live that one this month. Looking forward to finding that peace and stillness in this merry, mad month of May.

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