This Time Around

Currently - 15 Weeks
Violet - 16 weeks
So they say the second time around, pregnancy is different. They aren't lying.

Last time - no morning sickness. Never threw up once.
This time - blerg. There were a couple rough weeks there. Some definite nausea. But things are good now.

Last time - trying to prove I had a baby bump at 16 weeks. Loved my cute little belly. Was proud of it!
This time - getting lots of shocked "whoa!" comments from co-workers who spot the belly coming down the hall at them. None of my regular clothes fit anymore, but my old maternity clothes are so stretched out from my nine month belly that they just look frumpy on me. I feel... big. I'm already concerned at how this body is going to bounce back.

Last time - all cold weather maternity clothes. Everything that might remotely fit me in a few months is a sweater.
This time - I'll be huge in the height of summer weather. Awesome. Last time I had no swelling, I wore my wedding rings to the delivery room, no problem. I imagine that will NOT be the case come September.

Last time - the sense of wonder! The magic of new life! Amazing! I mean, how cute was I?!
This time - the wonder is gone. Not necessarily in a bad way. But I know what's coming (heartburn, sleepless nights, the kitchen being overtaken with bottles and warmers and bibs, oh my!) I'm not reading my pregnancy books with overwhelming excitement, examining every little symptom. I'm not patting the belly fondly as I daydream of what life will be like in a few months. I feel more grounded. Routine. Reality.

But mainly I just feel big.


  1. You look cute!!! And think that you only have 20 weeks to go. That is doable. It is exciting. Just in a very different way.

  2. Congratulations!!! That's awesome news :) And I'm sure Violet will be a great (and very helpful) big sister.


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