Going Bowling

Going bowling for the first time...
 Violet got to go to a bowling birthday party today in honor of my little neighbor's fifth birthday. Ah, I remember the time I had a bowling birthday party... to celebrate my 28th. Good times! This event was just as fun. In no time at all, Violet was letting us know in typical Violet fashion that she had this bowling thing down, no assistance required thank you very much. She declared herself a winner every time a pin went down, and laughed hilariously when she missed them altogether.

Ready... aim... bowl!

Typical Violet, doing her own thing.

She also got to play some games in the arcade. Every time Matt tried to steer, she very insistently took his hand off the wheel. Good thing we have a few more years before attempting to teach her how to drive!

No Daddy, I do it!

1 comment:

  1. Such a cutie!!! I love the glasses upside down and the confidence she expresses. And she is growing up wayyyyyy too fast!!! What a great big sister she will make.


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