Big Girl Room

Now that Violet is going to be a big sister, one of my goals for spring break was getting her in a big girl room. Conveniently, our guest room came painted purple when we bought the house, so it was a no-brainer to pick this for Violet's new space.

The guest room.
 Matt and I set a pretty high bar for ourselves on Tuesday. We left the house at 9 a.m. with a goal of getting everything we needed at Ikea in one day. By the end of our shopping spree, we had a full cart including a new bed and mattress, dresser, end table, lamp, and some random do-dads. I was happy everything we wanted was in stock and even more thrilled that it all fit in our car for the ride home.

Ready to pack the car!

Once home, we tackled the boxes and lovely illustrated Ikea directions. Everything went smoothly. It was much like putting together Violet's nursery (oh, so long ago! The memories!) except on a much larger scale. My primary job was counting all the pieces and turning the pages of the instruction booklet. I like to think I was an invaluable part of the team.

Matt helps to test out the new bed - just right for some bedtime book reading!
A mere four or five hours later (it started to run together there at the end), we were done! I still need to find a bedding set (I'm having trouble finding a fun, colorful one), bright curtains, and some fun little accessories to finish off the project. But not bad for one day's work!

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