It's Gonna Be May

I can't believe this is my first post of May! Sorry. This is always a busy month. Violet had a birthday party, we went to a Braves game, Matt is out of town on business two different weeks, I had a student withdraw, a new student come (with only 12 days left of school - who does that?!), a field trip to take, grades to finish, a wedding to be in... there's just a bit going on. But it's nice to be back here. Sharing my life and organizing my thoughts on this blog has always been a nice center of calm for me.

Halfway there!
So here I am at 20 weeks. I've reached the halfway point. Feeling good. My biggest complaint is not being able to sleep at night due to congestion. And trust me, I complain about it a lot! But other than that, we are good.

Thanks pinterest!
May also means the end of school is near, which bring with it two things - relief, fun, parties, and sheer terror and all that remains to be done. I've been working on end of the year gifts for some special parent volunteers to come into my classroom every week to help out. I really couldn't do it without them. If you have a child in school and the teacher begs asks for volunteers, please say yes. You have no idea what a world of difference it makes.

Saturday morning date with my bagel, tea, and grade book.

I'm also slogging through the last of my grades. I even took a stack to breakfast one day, just to have some quiet focus time. My favorite part of the morning was when two young women passed my table and one of them whispered "Oooh, she's a teacher!" I couldn't tell if she was in awe or just feeling sorry for me. But the end is in sight. There are only two weeks left. Grades are due in before the end of school, so there will be a few random days at the end when the learning is done and we can just have some fun. We can do it!

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