Saturday in Stages

Ever wonder what this Noodle & Co. get up to on the weekends? No? Well, I'm going to enlighten you anyway.

8:00 a.m.
Friday night we had the rare treat of entertaining two dear life-long recently-returned friends from ITP Atlanta. They managed to find their way up here to the 'burbs to hang for some homemade pizza and philosophical debate. We finally managed to kick them out around midnight and naturally, Violet had us up and running by 7 o'clock the next morning. Our house was pretty much destroyed a mere hour later. The good news is, Violet made this mess entirely by herself, no entertaining from us required. Miss Independent.

We ran errands, Matt did yard work, I graded papers (thanks to our new curriculum/report cards, my team had a 45-minutes debate on Friday afternoon about how to grade the year's first spelling test, and I still had to call in reinforcements twice when I actually sat down to go over the papers), Violet napped.

Downward Facing Dog
After her nap, Violet threw a tantrum. I'm still not clear on what had so offended her. Matt and I  amused ourselves by taking pictures of her. I've decided this is a far better reaction to have than just about any other option.

Carseat's getting crowded.
When she finally calmed down, we headed out for dinner. Violet attempted to start a new fashion craze involving sunglasses. Matt was craving something different, something unusual, so we checked out this mythical place called Cracker Barrel. It was populated with all sorts of fascinating inhabitants. The food came in varying shades of beige. Then we went home and cheered on the Bulldogs to victory in the SEC. Not a bad Saturday.

Sitting pretty.

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