Charleston Girls Trip

Hello friends! I hate how difficult it's been for me to keep the blog updated. The craziness that is my work life right now has really drained me of any extra energy. Most days I come home, play mommy until Violet is asleep, and then plug on with school work or pass out. Not only is time scarce, I feel like my creativity is, too. And frankly, sometimes it's easier just to zone out in front of the television than think of witty sentences (or grammatically correct sentences, for that matter). But I miss it. In my former life I got to call myself a writer, and it's a title I miss dearly.

Anyway, this weekend a bunch of first grade teacher took off for Charleston to celebrate the marriage of a dear friend (and former co-worker). A girls trip was just what I needed and we had a blast. The strolled the streets of Charleston and encouraged each other to buy little pretties (cute necklace for me). We dined fabulously (the kind of dinner that lasts for three hours) and laughed uproariously. My hotel bed was ridiculously comfortable.

A beautiful cemetery we stumbled across. It was full of butterflies. Not a bad final resting place.

The wedding was beyond beautiful. Picture the waterway at sunset, lanterns hanging from the ancient oak tree covered in Spanish moss, candles flickering in the breeze, plenty of good friends to dance and dine and laugh with. A grand time was had by all. It was such a break from my norm and such a needed escape.

And it was such a delight to see my little girl again after being gone three long days. She came running into the yard in her polka-dotted pajamas as my car rolled in, her whole face lit up in an excited grin. Ah, I missed her. Sometimes it's nice to miss her, just to feel the giddy joy at seeing her again. My sweet girl.

Someone's been sleeping in my bed...

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