Cupcake Onesies

Our circle of friends has added another baby to the brood - our friends Travis and Wendi just had a sweet little boy. I couldn't wait to meet him, and I never want to show up empty-handed, so I was poking around pintrest, looking for a unique baby gift. I bumped into this cupcake-inspired idea and decided to try my hand at it. Ya'll know me, I'm not what I would describe as naturally crafty. But this one looked easy enough for even me to attempt. The only supplies needed were the baby clothes and a cupcake box. Oh, and some tape. Check out the results below!

Presentation is key.

Cupcake box from Michaels, ribbon from my stash.

Four little onesies and two pairs of socks, all from my favorite Target.

Everything rolled up to look like yummy cupcakes, topped with little sock "cherries" in the middle.

For your baby, from my not-such-a-baby-anymore.

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