Long Weekend

Well, this is one much needed long weekend!

School has been its usual whirlwind. There is some crazy stuff going down in the educational realm, if you didn't already know. We're in the process of adopting a brand new, national curriculum called the Common Core. There are some good things about it, there are some not-so-great things about it (namely, that it was created by a bunch of people who haven't been in the classroom in years and don't seem to remember what a first grader is really like). On top of that, we're switching to a new report card/grading system. And of course, I just want my sweet babies to learn how to count, and read, or just sit still and listen. So there's that.

The good news is, I think I have a great group of parents this year. My room mom has already proven herself fantastic, sending in a bar of fancy dark chocolate for me on Friday because, you know, it's Friday. Gotta love that! It makes such a difference to have parents who are supportive and want to help out and have already started volunteering their time. I'm grateful to be in such a great school that way. Friday we had a Hat Day fundraiser (send in money and wear a hat to school) to support one of our teachers whose house burned down the day before pre-planning started. Can you even imagine? Anyway, I had kids bringing in 20 dollar bills, and others who brought in money even though they didn't want to wear a hat. Incredible generosity. So there's that.

Today, Violet woke up before the sun and by 8 a.m. we had already eaten breakfast, showered, dressed, and watched our morning quota of tv. Can you imagine, already running out of things to do by 8 in the morning? So we headed to the local sporting goods store to buy Violet some ballet gear.

Yep, my little girl is starting ballet next week! I was worried she would balk at the tights and leotard and everything else, but she was so excited to put on her "ballet swimming suit" as she called it. Hopefully she'll love it, because she looks stinkin' adorable in her outfit!

I melt.
We finished our day with lots of lounging, watching football (whoo-hoo, it's back!) and basically piled on the couch on top of each other. There's more relaxing planned for the rest of our weekend. Hoping you're having a good one, too!

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