We're back in church.

Remember when we tried to find a church a couple years ago? And how that didn't work out so well? And how we started going to a small group instead? And how that was so much better, exactly what we were looking for anyway, a group of people to love on us and make a community around us and help us grow our faith?

Well, after going to small group for a year, we decided we liked everyone so much, we might as well try out the church. The slight hiccup in this whole arrangement is that the church happens to be way down yonder in Buckhead, a good 45 minutes away. Naturally, I've been balking at such a commitment. The commute to small group (cue the walk next door) is much more convenient. But if we're ever going to visit a church, it makes more sense to drop in on the one where we already know some friendly faces. So when Matt suggested it, I agreed. We'd give it a shot.

And without really thinking about it or noticing, we've been four straight Sundays now. Walking through the doors that first morning was as easy as slipping on a broken-in pair of shoes - it felt like we already fit. There were faces we recognized and hugs to be given, Violet was eased into Sunday School side-by-side her pal Christian, my neighbor K has been helping out with the kids' program and keeps an eye on her, it seems like half the congregation already knows me through my more-famous little brother.

It's small enough that Violet has the same teacher each week and has already made new friends. Cool enough to allow coffee into the sanctuary. Deep enough for the words of the teaching to echo back at me throughout the week. Real enough to speak the importance of compassion (just do it) and debate whether Jesus and beer can hang under the same roof (they can - I was relieved). Down to earth enough to wear jeans to worship. You know, just my style. We're already comfortable.

And that 45-minute drive? It's not so bad.

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