Party Girl

Future Olympic gold medalist in trampolining.
We've been to two birthday parties in the last two weeks. Fun times! Violet only tried to blow the candles out once, and promptly burst into tears upon learning that this particular joy is reserved for the birthday child. Such is life.

Both parties were out-of-house, one at a local Gymboree (never been before... so that's how stay-at-home-moms retain their sanity!) and one at a indoor-playground-jumpy-extravaganza. I'm really starting to see the logic of hiring out your birthday party. Everyone shows up, has fun, you get to leave the mess behind. The problem with hosting your own party is that you spend half your time cleaning before anyone shows up, and two hours later you have to clean all over again! If there's one thing you know about me, it's my feelings on having to clean my own house.

Seriously impressive homemade cake.

She was asking for her cake the minute we walked in the door.
I'd like to say I captured more pictures from both these events, but Violet was moving so fast the entire time, the photos are all a blur. Girlfriend had some serious good times. It was fun watching her at the Gymboree party - the teacher was there to lead all the kids in songs and movement activities, and Violet was quite the participant. She's run to snag her place on the mat criss-cross-applesauce, following along with the song motions... I know it's stuff she does at school all day, I just never get to see it. She's a pretty good little listener.

Party no. 2. Someone has been practicing her "cheese" face.


And she's in.

Mere seconds away from a frosting overdose.

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