Mountain Climbing

Hunting for fairies...

We (along with all of you, I'm sure) just had to take advantage of the beautiful weekend weather. We hatched a plan Saturday morning to take the girls to Sawnee Mountain for a little picnic hike. It was so much fun! We weren't sure how far Annie's little legs would take her, so we took turns carrying her along, but she was a trooper. She either wanted to walk like Violet, refusing to hold our hands on even the most bumpy, gnarled parts of the trail, or she was in our arms. But the true secret to a successful hike? Lots and lots of snacks. We had PB&J, trail mix, applesauce pouches, cheese sticks... we could have probably survived two days out there, much less two hours! But it kept everyone happy and moving forward, so it was worth it! We stopped at a really nice playground before leaving the mountain, and both girls conked out on the ride home (winning!) It was such a lovely experience that it made Matt and I start thinking about spring break... Perhaps a trip to Cloudland Canyon? Another visit to Amicalola Falls? Perhaps we can even join the Georgia Canyon Climbers Club?!

We found a fairy house!

Annie walking like Violet.

Finally agreeing to be carried.

Look closely... Violet decided to wear her wolf ears into the wilderness!

Two teeth down!

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