February Birthdays

I'd be remiss if I let February pass me by without mentioned that this sweet girl missing her two front teeth just happens to have turned six! It's been a month of celebrations due to everyone's schedules being what they are, and we're still not done. There's a movie theater party with friends coming up still. Violet got herself a sassy new 'do for her six-year-old self, totally her request and so awesome it makes me wish we had cut it long ago.

She also randomly mentioned one afternoon on the way home from school that what she really wanted for her birthday was a "sleep table". Yeah, I was just as confused as you are. She continued that it is a table where you sit and get ready for bed and keep your crowns and your "eye holes". That would be a sleep mask. And this would be the new vanity table she was talking about! (I had to call a fellow mom to ask what it was that Emma had in her room that Violet could possibly be talking about!) Thank goodness for Amazon. They might be out of take over the world, but they got Violet's present delivered in two days just in time to surprise this girl.

So pretty!
Violet's wasn't the only landmark birthday we celebrated in February. My dad turned 70 with a lovely gathering of 30 of his closest friends and family. There were speeches, jokes, songs, a slideshow... it was a lovely tribute for this man who certainly deserves it.

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