I know spring is a time for newness, rebirth, changes... but I'm a creature of habit. I do not like change. It takes me a while to wrap my mind around it. Once I'm there mentally, I can quickly commit and get onboard and go forth with gusto, but it takes me more than a moment to arrive there.

The weather recently decided to just... become spring. We had a couple days of teasing warmth, enough that we all busted out the teeshirts and flip flops. Things returned to winter with a vengeance later that week. But for an entire week now, we've watched trees bloom, we've awoken to birds chirping, and with this weekend's time change, I think it's safe to say and feel like spring has sprung.

But the turning of the seasons has not been the only big change around here. I'm coming off of what has to be one of the most turbulent two weeks in recent memory. There have been huge changes in my professional life, in our church life... and to top it all off, three of my friends had babies this week! (No, I will not be making a drastic life change in this department. Two is plenty for us, thank you very much. So if you were reading hoping for news along these lines, I guess you can go back to your regularly scheduled facebook stalking, sorry to disappoint!)

Scheduled for demolition. Because what Buckhead needs is more highrises.
First up, our church is moving. Christian Church Buckhead, right down the street from Lenox Mall, has been our lovely little home for a couple years now. It's been a commute, for sure, but worth it. It has really become our home, and the only church our kids have ever really known. It's the right size for right now. Matt plays in the band every week, I'm volunteering in nursery, getting to know other parents and families. It feels like home. Except now that physical home is schedule for demolition and we've been forced to pack up our tents and follow God's call into the wilderness, Abraham-style.

In our case, it turns out the wilderness is downtown Atlanta, on Marietta Street. A cooler destination (we can see the Aquarium from the windows, we could stop by the Children's Museum before heading home, etc etc) but a bit more of a drive. And in nomadic fashion, our worship space calls for a complete set up and tear down every week. So that's a hassle. And I've told you how I feel about change, right. But still, if Abraham can do it and be blessed, I guess we can suck it up and drive down the road a few more miles. And maybe even get excited about it. Easter Sunday will be our last in the old building. Fitting timing.

An even bigger change is happening when it comes to my job. For my entire teaching career, I've been in the same wonderful school, in the same fantastic first grade. I started as a parapro, floating from class to class, getting my feet wet, learning the ropes. Then I got my own classroom. Each year our grade level has looked a little bit different as it has grown bigger some years, smaller in others. But the same core of women have been there, slowly becoming my village. I feel like I've been raised by these women and we've become incredibly close and incredibly strong. I'm proud to consider our team one of the tightest in the school. We plan together, share resources and responsibilities, we open our doors for each other, we pull seamlessly together towards our common goal. I know I'm bragging and I sound big-headed, but I truly believe we're the best.

Which is why no one ever wants to leave. And which is why, when we found out that due to rezoning, our school had to lose two first grade spots, we all pretty much looked at each other and collectively threw up a little. We were told on a Friday afternoon that by Monday morning there would need to be two volunteers or random names would be drawn. Uuuuuuugh.

Now, for some perspective. There were two spots open in another school, one that is actually a bit closer to my house. So at least we would get to take one of our friends along. It could be worse. We could have been cast off into the wilderness of "good luck finding a job" or placed at a school far away or where we don't know anyone. Or in my opinion, we could have been given an even worse fate of being sent to a different grade... Teach fifth grade? The horror! So, it was nice to know we would still be in first grade, going with a friend. Oh year, and the principal of this other school? Was going to be none other that our current assistant principal, someone I really, really like professionally and personally. She got the promotion to principal, and she wanted to take two of us with her. So, there was relief in knowing who we would be working for. But still... leave the team? Leave the well-oiled machine I've been a part of for my entire teaching life? They are my family! Going to a new team is walking into the unknown. What if they don't plan together? What if they don't like me? What if they do things differently? What if I don't like the way they do things? (Remember my general opinion on changes, right?)

But for whatever reason, I felt a peace about it. Dare I say, I was even a little excited about the possibility? And it turned out, my friend who teaches in the classroom next door felt the same way. So we made the call, volunteered for the spots, got two big thumbs up from our soon-to-be new principal, and just like that, it turns out that I'll be teaching at a new school next year. I'm still nervous about the unknowns... I've never taught anywhere else before and I have no idea how things are done elsewhere. I know some things will be better and some might be worse. But I have a friend, a great boss, a rising first-grader who seems pretty cool with the change in venues, and I'm excited about the year to come.

Doing a drive-by of the new school. Watch out, the Loughmans are coming!

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  1. Wow, very exciting!! I'm sure you'll grow leaps and bounds getting out of your comfort zone. Be sure to keep blogging about it so I can blog-stalk. ;)


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