Good Start

So, how is going around here?

Well, I'm continuing to love getting creative with color. There is something weirdly therapeutic about it. The girls will be driving me nuts, I'll give up on bedtime and make Matt take over, I'll go color for ten minutes, and suddenly I'm ready to deal with things again. If I end up needing to take another trip upstairs, I am able to do it with a rather positive attitude. Strange what a few minutes of self-centered (not in the egotistical way) zen will do for you. So I'll be keeping up the coloring.

I got creative in the kitchen when I cooked up some quinoa and subbed it for the usual rice I serve with various recipes. The results were mixed. All agreed it was far healthier, some had no problem making a swap, others (like me) couldn't quite make the leap due to the textural differences, so I think I'll keep offering both. What food should I tackle next?

And thanks to a timely invitations, we even had the chance to create new relationships when we were invited to dinner by a lovely family we know through church. We have kids the same age and have gotten to know them a bit on Sunday mornings (us moms were on the same volunteer schedule for a while). But being invited into someone's home, breaking bread with them, talking life with them, really lets you form a new bond. We talked Disney World trips, school issues, and I heard about this book, which has totally inspired me, regardless of the fact that I only read the synopsis.

So January got off to a good start!

Now I'm off to create some Valentine's for my class. That counts, right?!

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