Tooth Fairy!

So proud!
So it finally happened. After much wondering, asking, hoping and prodding... Violet finally lost a tooth. It happened Superbowl Sunday, actually. While hanging out in the playroom, watching a movie and munching on football fare, a bite into a tortilla chip was the straw the broke the camel's tooth. The next thing I knew, Violet was marching out of the bathroom announcing "My tooth fell out!" She had run in to check her smile in the mirror after apparently feeling the gaping hole in the bottom row. The tooth, however, was nowhere to be found. (Although a lot of other things were found in the carpet on the playroom floor. Gross. I hope to never that closely have to examine that rug again.)

I knew what to do, though. You see, when I was just a wee lass of tooth-losing age, I too misplaced a tooth. The scene: McDonald's. The circumstances: I placed the tooth in a napkin for safe keeping. The inevitable: the napkin was discarded with the rest of the trash. A note written to the tooth fairy, much like the one above, yielded a cash reward (and a mini bottle of perfume for my troubles) under the pillow the next morning.

Violet scored a whopping five bucks (due to inflation, I'm sure) for this first tooth. I called around and apparently it is the going rate for a first tooth. The remaining teeth will net somewhere in the range of one dollar per tooth, give or take the loose change in the bottom of the tooth fairy's purse. Which is good to know, considering that the first tooth's neighbor is currently hanging on by a thread.

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