Cookie Time

A cold day to be hustling cookies. 

The cookies are here! The cookies are here! That's right, it's Girl Scout cookie delivery time. And as our troop's official co-cookie mom, it meant I was charged with picking up all the cookies this frigid Saturday morning. 

This operation is truly stunning in its efficiency. We got to pick our delivery location (I wasn't about to drive down to Turner Field) and delivery time (the earlier the better... I had other things to do with my day) and then it was off to the races. After checking in with the clipboard wielding women at the tent, we rolled our cars into our designated lane and watch the wonderful unfold. Each station held a particular type of cookie. We threw the cars into park, popped the trunks, and watched as groups of burly, bundled-up men began shoveling boxes in. They counted each box out loud and we echoed, double-checking our lists. Then it was back into the car, pull forward 15 feet, and start the process again with the next type of cookie.

The magic online ordering form predicted we would need two vehicles and it was right!

The office/Matt's music room/cookie HQ.
Now that all these boxes of deliciousness have been safely unloaded at my house, I'm just waiting for our troop to come grab what belongs to them. Fun fact: Girl Scouts must pay up-front for all the cookie orders they have placed. They it is up to each girl to collect the money from the people who have ordered when they deliver the goods. Here's hoping no one gets stiffed!

So if you ordered, we'll be coming around starting this week to drop off your cookies and collect payment. You've been warned!

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