Wet and Wild

Birthday pool party with pre-k pals!

So the theme of this year is definitely going to be water. My two girls are absolutely obsessed with the pool. From pool parties to splash pad playdates, we're getting in the water daily. Two things are making this potentially stressful event much easier on this mama, and that is 1) Violet is taking a refresher swim lesson course this week and rocking it, and 2) Annie has been sporting her puddle jumper floatie and it keeps her bobbing happily above water.

Hot stuff!

Inappropriate use of water table.
Even before she started swim lessons, Violet's boldness in the water has been increasing with every trip to the pool. Considering she wouldn't even get in without a parent beside her, she's made huge strides. She now swims underwater, jumps into the deep end and swims to the side, and could care less where I am - she just wants in the pool! The only thing she's still too timid for is a solo trip down the water slide. We'll see if she works up to it by the end of summer. She's also very sweet to Annie, helping when bobs too far from the steps. This last trip to the pool, I actually just sat on the side with my feet in, watching the girls as they played. Score one for the mama!

Annie, on the other hand, was recently introduced to our pool's water slide. I have a feeling that's all she's going to want to do from now on. Too bad I have a no-slide policy - she'll have to drag her daddy into it! (He started it, after all!) Annie is definitely more of a dare-devil than Violet has ever been. Whether it's because she sees her older sister doing all this fun stuff and she wants in, or she just has the personality, she's not afraid to try something.

She'll turn into a mermaid one of these days.

Annie's first trip down the slide. She was instantly obsessed.
When the girls haven't dragged me to the pool, I've probably cajoled them to our nearby rec center splash pad. It's just a couple miles up the road and it only costs two bucks per kid to get in. Adults are free and you can bring your own snacks in and stay all day. It is perfect. It's small and contained enough that I feel free to sit in the shade while they run around like maniacs.

The first time we were there, one of the buckets that fills up and periodically tips over totally dumped right on top of Annie's head, knocking her on her tush. Girlfriend wasn't fazed at all! She just jumped up and kept going. I love it! Violet prefers the pool but it's definitely easier and more relaxing for adults at the splash pad. I don't even need to put a bathing suit on, making it perfect for impromptu trips. Since Violet was already in her swim suit, we picked up a picnic lunch from Chick-fil-a today and took it straight there from swim lessons... Annie is still napping after that adventure!

Splash Pad! Best four dollars I've ever spent.

This ground is hooooooooooot!

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