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Lettuce tell you about the garden! 
Pick a peck...
Here's a quick look at how this year's garden is faring. The cauliflower is probably going to be a dud... lots of big leaves, but something is eating them. Currently there are two ripe cherry tomatoes, hopefully just the start of a long and happy harvest. The lettuce has been awesome, however. Lots of homegrown salad has been enjoyed. This year Violet has taken over the watering responsibilities. She asked for a list of chores (and didn't seem to realize she could also ask for compensation), so that's been going on for a week. We'll see how long it lasts! Other chores include setting the table, cleaning up her room and the playroom and getting the mail.

Safety Town!
Our first official week of summer break, Violet had Safety Town every morning from 9 a.m. to noon. It was put on by our rec department and it was fantastic. She was in a group with her friend Taylor. Every day had a different safety focus, from poison safety to stranger danger to fire drills. They practiced riding in a school bus, evacuating during a fire, and more. Then they got to get on little bikes and ride around the Safety Village, practicing stopping at stop signs and staying in their lanes. How cute!

Violet and Taylor, proud Safety Town graduates!
The first day at Safety Town, I showed up in my cute little white shorts and blousy top and nice sandals, thinking this is what summer moms wear. Oh no. Apparently there is a stay-at-home-mom uniform consisting of sports bras, tank tops and tennis skirts. I had no idea. I'm not even sure these moms were intending to go work out. I mean, how could they be, seeing as they were toting around their gaggles of children. I think they just dress that way because it's convenient and comfortable. Hey, I'm all for anything that lets me leave the house with the least amount of closet coordinating required. So I went and got myself a few things for my summer mom wardrobe. Now I can fit in with the best of them. With my tanks and tennis skirts, you'd think I'm a full time SAHM myself! And I have to admit, it is awfully comfortable, and certainly convenient. So there.

Pool time!
We also finally made it to the pool! I've been wanting to go, and Violet's been begging, but the pool by myself with two kids is not a relaxing experience. Violet has swim lessons scheduled for next week, but until then, I'm still not super comfortable with her in the water without me. And Annie needs constant vigilance. It's hard when I can't take my eyes off the little one, but the big one is yelling "look at me, look at me!" Probably the best time for everyone is the snack break! But they both love it so.

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