Pony Rides and Rock Stars

Putting up my emergency third row: as close to a mini-van as I ever want to get.
Last week Violet and her pre-k pal Taylor went to Wild Wild West week at Gymnastics World of Georgia. It was awesome. I can't say enough about this gym or their programs. Violet took two seasons of actual gymnastics here, and while she's not that great at it, she certainly enjoyed it. When I found out about their summer camps (from 9:30 to 2:30 all week... hello!), I jumped on it. Every week has a different theme - Wild Wild West week included pony rides (!!!), fort building, trail-mix making, t-shirt tie-dying... so fun. I think Violet's favorite part was getting to pack a lunch box every day. It was a little taste of what kindergarten will be like in the fall, assuming she wants to bring her lunch. Although Matt took her on a candy-buying trip for gymnastics camp... definitely will not be the norm come the school year!

Violet and Taylor on the last day of camp!

Tie-dyed perfection!
In other news, the grown-up Loughman's are also having a good summer. Check out Matt singing and playing at church on Sunday! I joked that he got promoted to the front of the stage (he normally has his guitar set up towards the back). And see that bald head behind the drums? That's my brother Lukas, in town for a few weeks on business!

Rocking out at CCB.
After church, Mimi came up to babysit and Matt and I headed back to Atlanta for date night. We enjoyed a child-free dinner and then took in a concert. Ever heard of Richard Thompson? Yeah, I didn't think so. But he's apparently super popular. We rolled up before the doors opened and found a huge line of people waiting to get in. Good thing we scored a parking spot directly across from the venue. And considering the majority of the audience was probably 30 years older than we are, we were still able to beat them to the good seats. Ha!

We were definitely the youngest people there...

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