School's Out for Summer!

Signed, sealed, delivered.
The last week of school was a whirlwind of class parties, pre-k graduation, end-of-year classroom camping... it seemed like every day there was something major happening and I won't lie, my brain was verging on too full to process it all. But we came, saw, and conquered. Amidst it all, I signed my contract for another year (thank goodness I have a few weeks off before I have to process that!) and packed up my classroom.

See ya in July! (I know, JULY. Gahhh!)

Oh yeah, and these two crazy kids celebrated 10 years of wedding bliss!
After a relaxing Memorial Day weekend spent cooking out with family and friends, we teachers headed back for two days of post-planning. I kept the girls in school the whole week, which meant after post-planning, I had two days all to myself. Naturally I took advantage of all this free time by booking an eye exam, dentist appointment and hair cut. Taking care of my to-do list before summer even starts!

Short hair don't care!
 The only downside to the start of summer is that it has been raining buckets. We have yet to get to the pool, although my garden is quite happy. Matt and I took advantage of the weather to clean out our bonus room. In one of the boxes, I discovered all my old high school AP class exams, including the below from my AP Calculus class. Obviously I'm a huge nerd to have saved all that stuff. While most of it bit the dust during this clean-out, I just couldn't part with it all. It turns out, I really loved high school, especially all my advanced classes. Looking back over some of my essays, I can see the beginnings of my love for words and writing. I can hear my voice starting to develop. And I can see how much my teachers really cared. I don't think I appreciated it at the time, all the comments scrawled in the margins, the gentle suggestions and honest feedback. But knowing how much time that takes, the effort, the hours spent behind a desk or on a couch late at night with a stack of papers... I treasure each line they wrote. Thank you, Mrs. Mook, Mrs. Snyder, Coach Pattiz... Thanks for everything you invested in me.

Clearly these were life skills I was learning here.

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