Zoo Day

It's been rough lately. I can't seem to bounce back from the time change. I'm tired all. the. time. Report cards are due this week. I had seven parent-teacher conferences Friday, with more to come this week. Conferences always make me feel like a terrible teacher. "Oh hey, your child is struggling... but since I'm supposed to be teaching them, I guess it's my fault?" Or "yeah, here are these problems and I don't really know how to fix them or I would have tried already so, see ya later!" They don't really go that way, and the parents are all super appreciative, but that's how I come away feeling. Plus we've entered the wild ride that is fourth quarter. Soccer has started up again. Every weekend between now and Jesus coming back has been booked. And now my throat hurts and there's greenish gunk coming out my nose and my right ear is killing me.

So, all that to whine about say, it was lovely to get away from it all on this beautiful afternoon and meet all the grandparents at the zoo after church. Both Grandma and Mimi have birthdays coming up this spring and they decided they wanted to celebrate by hanging out at the zoo. They even brought a whole picnic for us to enjoy. Best idea ever. The weather could not have been better (oh flipflops I've missed you!) and the girls were both really good. Annie seemed a little overwhelmed by her first visit to the zoo and all the crowds, but she liked pointing out all the animals and loved the playground. She's so funny; she could care less where I am. She has no fear and insisted on tackling the "big" slide in the playground, despite all the big kids in her way. Violet, on the other hand, must know where I am at all moments of the day. So different, these two. But the trip was a success and we will definitely have to come back again soon.

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