Cool Cat

Cool cat! 
Violet's classroom has a mascot called "Cool Cat." Cool Cat got to come home with each child for the weekend. But once all the kids had their turn, the teacher decided to make Cool Cat a reward for whoever earned the most silly bands (earned for good behavior).

Well, guess who was the very first winner? That's right, MY cool cat! Apparently her face, when the teacher announced the winner at Friday's circle time, was priceless. Cool Cat has been everywhere with us this weekend, and I'm proud of Violet for doing such a great job in class to earn him. 

As a parent, you wonder what your child is like in public, when you're not around. I've had plenty of parent-teacher conferences where the parents mention a specific behavior and are both shocked and pleasantly relieved to find out their child isn't the same little holy terror at school as he is at home. And I get it. We save our worst selves for the people who have to love us no matter what. So it's good to know that whatever we're struggling with at home, she's got her best foot forward out there.

Saturday morning breakfast.

Picnic time!
Another thing making this weekend awesome? The weather! Finally we're seeing a hint of spring after the "snow" we've had lately. I'm hoping we've finally turned a corner on Old Man Winter now. Violet had this Sunday afternoon picnic planned before we even left for church. She couldn't wait to get her PBJ and blanket and set up in the backyard. And of course, Annie was all "anything you can do, I can do" about it. She had her two favorite things - her big sister and snacks. Good to go!

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