Daddy Day

Matt recently returned from a five-day business trip. I didn't want to complain, but now that he's back, I wasted no time leaving him with the girls while I had a day to myself with my other girls, my book club pals.

Here's what life looks like with Daddy...

Bath time. Even Gus got involved.

Game night! (Okay, I got talked into one round.) Current favorite: Spot It!

Playground stop while waiting on a prescription. Apparently Annie bee-lined to the biggest slide in the park. 

Back to the prescription.

Easter Egg Hunt with our small group! Such a pretty day for it, too!

Annie had fun finding the same egg over and over.

My man, holding court with the ladies.
I'd say they had a pretty good time without me! I had a pretty good time without them, catching up with old friends. There may have been a bloody mary involved. There was definitely lots of good conversation and laughter and promises to do it again soon. Somehow I don't think my girls would mind...

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