Chalk It Up to Spring

When you're an artist, all the world is your canvas!
Violet decided to celebrate the first weekend of spring by waking up before 6 a.m. and insisting we go outside for chalk art as soon as sanity allowed. But since it was such a beautiful morning, and I was up anyway, I complied. Everyone ended up getting in on the action. Also, side note, the arrival of spring attire (read: shorts) has shown us that Annie is not quite as steady on her feet as we might have thought. Girlfriend had two scraped knees on the very first day of shorts-weather!

Things took a turn when Violet decided a chalk body outline was in order. The driveway suddenly looked like a CSI crime scene investigation!

Outlining the body.

Our victim. Code name Daddy.

It's clear from the victim's expression, this was a surprise attack.

Or perhaps he was just a victim of fashion.

Finished product! Violet wrote "DAD" at the top. Backwards (she was sitting above the drawing). Should I be impressed, or concerned?!

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