Blue Thunder!

Blue Thunder team photo!
We had our second soccer game today and Blue Thunder rocked it! I mean, no one was keeping score or anything. But considering we had to drag Violet out of the car and onto the field, she played exceptionally well once she was out there. I'm happy to report that Violet only touched the ball with her hands once and kept the skipping around the field to a minimum. She even scored three goals! Two of them were for our team! (Ha!)

Practice time.
Despite the freeeeezing weather (hello "feels like 35 degrees") Violet played hard, ran hard, listened well, and even had a chance to defend the goal. She's not a bad little defense player, I gotta say. The jury is still out on whether she'll be ready for position play next season, but I can already see how much she's grown from last season. So much with Violet has to do with how comfortable she feels. New experiences, not good. But once she's had the chance to observe, absorb, get the hang of things, she's generally good to go.

She shoots... she scores!
As for my first round of being a Team Mom, I have to say I'm pretty terrible at it. I haven't managed to collect all the money for our uniforms, I haven't sent any reminders about who is bringing snack... Although I prefer to keep things low-key - I do give a little "hey, don't forget..." reminder at each practice. And at least I have a list of who still owes me. I did pick the team name, though, so I guess there's always that! Consider it my contribution to the team.

Learning the word of the week, "perseverance". Trying your best even when you don't want to.

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