The Last Week of Summer

It's my last week of summer. On Monday I'll put the girls in daycare so I can get my classroom ready before preplanning starts on Thursday. I'm sad the summer is over but I'm also ready, and that's a good feeling.

But we still have a bit of fun planned before the week is done. Violet has been spending a few days in Peachtree City for what we've affectionately termed "Camp Mimi/Grandma". (At first Violet thought this was going to be legit camp with a tent and outdoor sleeping and everything, ha! Not so much.)

Who is this grown up girl?!

Blueberry picking!

Making play-doh pizza.

Lego time!
 Today they went to the zoo, tomorrow we'll pick her up at the Braves game... looks like she's having an awesome time, despite no actual camping!

Getting my eyes dilated!
In the meantime, I've had this girl all by herself (poor Annie misses her sister!) and life has been a little less exciting. Annie had an eye check-up to rule out any lazy eye (she passed! Whew! I just can't take anything else being wrong with her... I'm done.) Today she hung out with our favorite babysitter while I ran and did some things in my classroom. What was supposed to be two hours ended up lasting three and a half, but she was great and I got a lot done and am feeling much more settled about the thought of back to work next week.

Tomorrow the first grade team is coming over for a pool party, then we'll head downtown to the Braves game and pick up Violet. Thursday we have nothing written on the schedule, amazingly, and Friday I'm taking Annie to daycare for a couple hours so she can get used to the new places and faces. And before I know it, the week will be done! 

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