Let Freedom Ring


We had a wonderful Fourth, did you? The weather was perfect, almost cool in the morning. We had a lovely lazy day, went the pool in the afternoon, headed to the neighbors for food and festivities and fireworks. Violet made a new BFF in Chloe and they played until the sun went down.

Our red, white, and blue kids!
We did the traditional grilling thing, burgers and dogs. There was guacamole, not necessarily American but a welcome picnic food anywhere. There were lawn games like badminton and croquet. There was patriotic music and excellent company and children who behaved themselves and fun all around.

Had to go for the matching outfits.

Frame worthy. 
We discovered in about 10 seconds that Violet does not like fireworks. They were too loud, apparently. And even I was a little nervous by the close proximity as the menfolk set them off - we were pelted with debris a few times. So both girls ended up inside, asleep, as the festivities wound to a close. We'll try again next year. It was, all in all, quite a lovely Fourth of July.

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