Tough life.

So it turns out that Annie likes Ohio. As she should, since she spent the entire trip being held, fed, pampered, cheered on (she's crawling!) and basically entertained. If you're going to travel, this is the way to do it, let me tell you. My lovely mother-in-law drove up a few days in advance, meaning we could send the car seats, diapers and other necessities with her. Aunt Stephanie, our hostess with the mostess, had a pack-n-play, high chair and toys waiting for us. This, my friends, is the only way to do it!

Sorry for the dog butt shot. Annie loves puppies!

Aunt Stephanie and her new BFF.

Annie was in charge of feeding the dogs.

Violet also enjoyed the trip, mainly getting to spend so much time in Aunt Stephanie's pool with cousins to keep her company.

Swimming with Brooke

Slightly less enthusiastic about dogs than her sister.
Why we came...
We loved the time we got to spend with family, and of course, getting to remember Matt's grandmother Betty (who Violet gets her middle name from). We had a lovely little gathering at the cemetery where we all shared some memories about this funny, feisty lady, then we spent the evening looking through old family photos and reliving moments (and awful 90s haircuts). There was much laughter and smiles, and I think Betty would be happy knowing she brought us all together to share a few sunny days in the place where she lived and loved for so long.

Bye Ohio! We'll be back!

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