Home Run!

We picked Violet up from "camp" last night, meeting up with everyone at a Braves game. It was a steamy, muggy evening but we had fun nonetheless. We had seats in a section I don't venture into often, left field, the third row from the bottom. Great seats! Everyone was there, my brother and sister, my parents, Matt's parents, of course our girls... Annie's first baseball game! (Although I have no pictures of her to prove it, sorry. Mom fail.)

So, we're sitting there in left field and I'm half paying attention like I usually do during baseball games. Then there's a roar from the crowd. I look up to see a ball in the air. I lose it in the lights. When I pick it up again, it's heading straight towards us. The guy sitting in front of Violet has his glove up... Home run! And talk about a close call!

Closest I've been to a home run - one row down, one seat over.

We left in the eighth inning. The grandmas were doing a great job keeping Annie entertained, strolling her around and catching a cool breeze, but Big Sister was done. I think she was worn out from her longs days at "camp". So we headed home and after some loud, sisterly bonding in the backseat, both girls crashed. It was a great night and a nice way to cap off our summer.

The only way to watch a game - your radio, binoculars, and favorite son.

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