Annie 10 Months

Staring boldly into the future.
 Miss Annie is 10 months old now. (That's NOT older than Violet, she'll have you know, even though 10 is more than four. We have long discussions and reassurances about this fact. But back to Annie...)

Annie has four teeth now, two on bottom and two on top with a charming (hopefully not eventually expensive) gap. I think the sides are going to fill in soon. She can crawl, point to things she wants, complain vigorously when we take something away she was playing with (ie: dog food), and has figured out how to access Siri on my phone. They have long, confusing conversations with each other.

I swear Annie is trying to talk, or she's gotten very good at mimicking our sounds. She says "dawdie" when she sees the dogs and "bah-mmm" when I hold up her bottle. Perhaps I'm giving her more credit than she's due, but these sounds are pretty consistent.

Still rockin' the thigh chub...

Stranger danger is in full swing; she ducks her head bashfully and tries to burrow into my shoulder when it's time to leave her with a babysitter. Her appetite is still awesome and she now points to our plates and cups - she loves fruits and veggies and can pretty much try anything on our plates.

Her hair is getting so long! I have to keep a bow or ponytail up there constantly or she ends up with hair in her face. So far she's much better than Violet ever was at keeping in her hair do-dads. But look at how light her hair is getting! Must be bleached by the sun... Annie continues to be the awesome, laid-back baby she's always bin. But I think this one might be our sneaky trouble-maker. I caught her pulling all the books off the shelf the other day. And don't even get me started on the dog food...

A glimpse of those bottom chompers.

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