So intent on her homework.

Ah, if only I could be as dedicated to updating this blog as Violet was to her homework this weekend. Girlfriend took that seriously! And it was a multi-step project involving coloring, cutting and gluing!

Alas, it's that crazy time of year when we're over scheduled and stressed to the max. I have 14 days left with the first graders and about 26 days worth of material to cover (those snow days are really biting us in the butt now). I'm living day by day and trying not to think about all the looming to-do's like field day, report cards, end of year gifts, packing up my classroom...

And that's just on top of regular life: Annie's PT, small group, Violet's gymnastics, church nursery volunteering, life in general...

So yeah, I've fallen a bit behind and the old bloggity blog here. Hopefully there will be lots of time this summer to catch up with things.

Proof Violet can be organized when she feels like it.
Reading the My Little Pony book a girl in my class made for her!

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