Camping Practice

So I had this insane idea. What if, the last week of school, traditionally a whirlwind of packing up the classroom, crazy schedules, eating in the room, specials being cancelled, the end of year party, kids already mentally on vacation... what if this week I transform the classroom into a campground? What if I bring in a tent and fake campfire. What if we do fun camping activities like writing ghost stories and making leaf rubbings and building structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks? What if we read camping stories and "make" s'mores? What if, after a long year of hard work and good learning, I actually take some time to enjoy my kids and our last few days together? After all, grades are finished, report cards are done, we're all just surviving each other for a few more days...

So in preparation for our camping week, I made Matt get our tent down. Then when it was too big, I made him get our other tent down. We set it up, played in it for a while, then packed it back up to ready it for school. I have to chase down some Christmas lights I can turn into stars on the ceiling. A fake campfire is being delivered tomorrow. The necessarily camping supplies are on the shopping list. And come this Friday afternoon, once the kids are gone, I'm setting up Camp Loughman! Or Camp-Much-Better-Name that I can't think of right now. I hope the kids love it!

Some reading in the tent.

The cat had to be kicked out multiple times. No claws allowed in the tent!

Testing out my end-of-year gift - autographed beach balls!

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