Camping in First Grade

Well, we did it. Another year is in the books. Teachers report back next week for post-planning, but let's face it, work doesn't really count when there are no kids. So, yay summer!

Here's how we spent the last week in first grade. Best. Idea. Ever. The kids were super engaged and busy, letting me get my own things (ie: pack up the entire classroom) done. It was awesome. Everyone marked it as their favorite first grade memory and I'll definitely be making it a tradition. So without further ado: Welcome to Camp Loughman!

Crosswords and spooky ghost stories around the campfire.

The Reading Tent!

Designing camp t-shirts.

Craft Table: leaf rubbings.

Old school, but still cool!

Craft Table: marshmallow building!

Craft Table: coffee filter butterflies!
There were six rotations each day: the craft table, reading tent, writing center (they designed camp t-shirts, wrote ghost stories to read around the campfire, and wrote a letter to their parents from "camp"), a snack center (they made trail mix using up all the leftover food in the closet - best way to get rid of things!), the campfire, and game rug. All the activities were things they could do independently and all were relatively cheap (or free) to assemble.

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