Mother's Day

From my Annie-bug!

Love Violet's little bird
Ah, Mother's Day. The irony. A day just for mothers that I'm sure has more than one mother stressed out! Sometimes trying to relax ends up being more trouble than its worth. But I was so tired on Saturday that I crashed on the couch and poor Matt was forced to play with both girls - this after I made him set up not one but two tents in our living room. And after he took Violet shopping for a Mother's Day present and she insisted (before they even left the house, mind you) that she wanted to get me a Hello Kitty hooded towel. No amount of walking around Target convinced her that anything was better than that towel. Ha!

The reason I'm a mother.
Today we had the honor of hosting both our moms and other family members over at our house after church. We ordered Chinese so no moms would have to cook. Best. Idea. Ever. Everyone relaxed, napped, ate, played in the yard, and then to cap it all off, my wonderful went to the grocery store for me, baby in tow. Happy mother's day to us all!

Best mom eva!

Just chillin' with Uncle Lukas.

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