Annie 7 Months

So this happened. Unbelievable! Seven months and sweeter by the day. She sleeps with this bunny every night. She falls asleep chewing on its ear or foot, talking to herself. I hear lots of da-da-da's these days. Right now poor girl has a cold, hopefully the last of this daycare season. These days she's one of the biggest kids in her room, which is so strange. There is a new little boy who also has torticollis and gets PT - his mom and I swapped stories (both were breech, both are working on their left arm strength, the similarities are simultaneously eerie and comforting).

But just look at how happy she is! Annie doesn't let a little weakness slow her down. I'm proud of her for how far she's come - I think we're going to have an awesome summer together (just five short weeks away!)

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