Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny!

Ah, the Easter season is upon us. Which means lots of egg hunts. The first one, our neighborhood one, was this past Sunday and my neighbor Kim did me the ultimate favor by taking Violet along with her kids so I could tackle my to-do list. (I was more productive these two weekend days than I was the entire spring break, go figure.)

They had a petting zoo, how fun!

Too cute.
Violet and Christian crack me up. If life were a movie, they'd so obviously be getting married. He picks on her, she cries, they crack each other up, they're best buds until one of them irritates the other just enough... During this Publix trip, Christian got buckled in first (Violet whined), Violet exacted revenge by getting in the buggy first (Christian pretended to be too cool to care), then they thought it would be hilarious to stick their tongues out at each other. Then I heard this comment: "Wouldn't it be funny if our tongues touched?!"

Nope. No, it would be gross. Lots of germs. Yuck. No.

Saving this one for their eventual rehearsal dinner slide show.

Not to be outdone, Annie got some time with her sweetie too.

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