We're Hunting Eggs, Again!

Egg hunt no. 5, still excited!
Violet had a record-breaking five egg hunts this year: the neighborhood sponsored one, a school hunt, one in our own backyard with the neighbors, one with our small group at a friend's house, and one at Grandma's house on Easter Sunday.

She was super psyched for every single one. I guess finding brightly colored eggs filled with candy (or money!) never gets old.

After finding all the eggs Grandma and Mimi had put out, she refilled a few eggs and set out to orchestrate her own egg hunt just for Daddy and Uncle Lukas. Those boys. Let me tell you, she was in take-charge mode, directing them through the backyard to every egg, and they dutifully followed along. Easter at Matt's family's home, with my family along for the celebration, was the perfect way to end what has seemed like a long Easter holiday season. Now, as soon as this candy is gone (probably tomorrow at the rate Violet's going) we can pack it up until the next big candy holiday season, Halloween. Whew!

Follow the dictator leader. Rocking her rain boots like a pro.

The egg toss. Such good sports, the two men in my life.

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