Spring Break, I Hardly Knew Thee

Here we are, at the end of spring break. I can't say it was my most productive or exciting break ever. But with a six-month-old, I knew things were going to be fairly low-key. We'll try to live it up next year, perhaps.

The weather was awesome and we played outside a ton - Annie loves the swing!

Annie continued to hone those sitting-up skills.
So proud of her puzzle skills.

Perplexed by the whole sippy cup thing. But it sure is fun to throw on the floor!
The best part of the week was this last weekend. We dropped the girls off at Grandma's house and headed out for a night on the town. First stop, killing time at Ikea, wandering around, having a spot of coffee, just like the pre-kiddo days. Then we headed to our pastor's home for a church band get together. (It was way less lame than that sentence made it sound, I promise. There was much talking, laughing, and I was pretty much just excited to be child-free for the evening.) We left late, drove to our hotel and got checked in, then decided to be party animals and headed back out at 10:30 (when usually I'm fast asleep) to Eclipse de Luna, a fun little tapas place. We had mojitos and sangria and delicious food and stayed up much, much later than I even thought possible. Meanwhile, the girls had an awesome time without us. Violet got to premiere Frozen for Grandma, Annie was her usual charming self, everyone had a great time. It's funny, leaving Violet for the first time overnight took an entire year. I was a bundle of nerves. It seemed like such a momentous occasion. Thank goodness for second babies. Everything is easier.

And speaking of second babies, it's amazing to me that I'm already packing up Annie's baby stuff. Everything of Violet's we saved, on the off chance we had another girl. Now I'm just eager to get it out of the house! Baby clothes are being boxed up, outgrown gear is being wiped down, packed away, ready to be passed on. Anyone need anything?

Jammin' at Grandma's house.

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