Getting a ribbon at gymnastics!

She might not be the best gymnast, but she sure does love it!
On the way  home from our last gymnastics session of the year, I had both girls with me in the car. Poor Annie had been on the go since 1 p.m., first an hour drive to therapy, an hour of torture, an hour drive back, and hour at daycare being nursed and changed and getting Violet ready, then we were off to gymnastics to watch Violet for another hour. Bless her, the girl was finally done.

We were in the car, picking up dinner before finally heading home, and the sweet baby was just wailing away. Violet leaned over, grabbed her hand and said "Don't worry, Baby Annie! God is watching you!"

Heart. Melt.

I had to write it down so I don't forget (probably one day when they are screaming at each other over borrowed clothes or broken diary locks) that once upon a time they were so sweet.

And in that spirit, here are a few other hilarious things Violet has said that I don't want to forget. Ah, they grow so fast!

movie computer = movie theater, as in, "Can we have popcorn at the movie computer today?"

fall vegetable = fall festival "I went down the big slide at the fall vegetable!"

candy corn = candy cane "Look at all the candy corns lighting up in the yard!"

whole. lide. world. = whole wide world, said with such drama, as in "Our house is the best in the whole. lide. world!" (She's also a bit obsessed with having the best whatever - best Christmas tree, best outfit, etc, in the whole. lide. world.)

And of course, there is a never-to-be-forgotten incident of Violet witnessing me nursing Annie for the first time. "Why is the baby eating Mommy?" followed up later with "Babies don't eat ice cream! Babies eat Mommies!"

Ah, love my big girl!

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