Annie at 3 Months

Happy three months to my Annie! What a sweetie. She is getting bigger by the day.

Still gets swaddled at night and sleeps close to 12 hours, yay!

Growing out of some 3 month clothes (those legs are just so long).

Loves sucking on her knuckle when she can get away with it.

Still not too attached to paci, despite the different kinds we've tried.

Losing her hair in a ring around her head.

Still breastfeeding, although only for a couple more weeks. Then mama's back to work!

Full of smiles. Singing to her will guarantee a big grin and a chortle.

Fascinated by books, especially during the dreaded tummy time.

Might be turning into a Daddy's girl. Sure gets spoiled by Daddy!

We love you, Annie!

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