The Last Friday

It feels like today is my last official day as a stay-at-home-maternity-leave-mom. The hubby is at the office. Violet is at school for the last day before she's out for Christmas break. After today, I'll have two kids at home every day until I go back to work.

Annie slept until 8:30. She nursed in the calm of the morning, with me alternating between checking my phone, watching the Today Show, and drinking in her sweet face. Then we played on the playmat, sneaking in a few physical therapy exercises along the way, rolling to each side, practicing sit ups, having her track objects so she'll turn her head, strengthening those neck muscles. I snuck in a pumping session, probably one of my last, to add to the stash of breast milk taking over our freezer. When she got fussy, I carried her around for a bit, marveling at how heavy and warm her body is in my arms, before putting her in the swing and letting her drift off so I could jump in the shower. Now I'm writing this, my hair still wet, knowing she'll wake up any moment (silly girl only sleeps 30-45 minutes at a time). Then we'll have to decide what to do with the rest of our day until it's off to Violet's Christmas party, then a visit from an old friend, then a neighborly dinner and gift exchange.

It's a good, peaceful end to what has been a lovely 12 weeks home with my baby. Life will slowly get more crazy and crowded from here on out, until it's time for full-blown reality to come calling. I keep thinking about work, only to catch myself and force it from my mind for the time being. In the new year, I'm resigned to thinking and planning and stressing and accepting what is to come. But not right now, not if I can help it.

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